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Fight To Hold Your Sexual Harasser Accountable

Last updated on June 20, 2022

No one should ever have to be the victim of sexual harassment. When you become the victim of such harassment, you need to know that you can act to defend your rights and hold your harasser accountable for their actions. The first step in doing this is seeking an attorney you can rely on to protect your needs.

At Stempien Law, PLLC, our attorney has more than 20 years of experience protecting the interests of his clients. He works to protect your rights after you have you have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace and help you achieve justice.

Are You Being Harassed? How Can You Stop It?

Sexual harassment comes in many varieties and it often involves:

  • Solicitation of sexual favors – If a co-worker or employer offered you something in exchange of sexual favors, such as a promotion or raise. This is also referred to as “quid pro quo” sexual harassment.
  • A hostile sexual environment – If a supervisor or a co-worker engages in sexual talk or conduct that interferes with your ability to do your job, a violation of the law has occurred.

Sexual harassment includes conduct such as:

  • Actions of a sexual nature – This can involve crude gestures or unwanted physical contact.
  • Verbal and physical remarks – Comments about how your hair or legs look, or even going as far as touching what they are “complimenting”. Also, displays of pornographic images or discussions about employees’ sex lives can constitute sexual harassment.
  • Unwelcome sexual advances – These can take the form of direct offers for sex, or even indirect “suggestions.”

When something like this happens to you, you cannot rely on Human Resources to settle things. The job of HR is to protect the company, which means your interests may be sacrificed. Attorney Stempien works to achieve the best attainable outcome of his clients.

You Do Not Have To Face This Alone

The point of a sexual harassment claim is to make everyone understand that these kinds of actions are no longer acceptable. If winning your case can prevent even one case of sexual harassment, then the entire community becomes a better place.

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