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When does harassment at work become illegal?

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Employment Law

Going to work is a necessity for most Michigan adults. While some individuals are fortunate to really enjoy their jobs and get along with their co-workers, that is not the case for everyone. In fact, many workers face harassment on the job that can leave them feeling anxious, stressed and even frightened to go to work.

Feeling uncomfortable in the workplace does not necessarily mean that illegal actions are taking place. However, if an employee is facing behaviors from others that take place continually and that make the victim feel as if the workplace has become hostile, that behavior could constitute illegal harassment. It could also be illegal if the employee’s ability to continue in the position hinges on allowing such harassing behaviors to take place or if the behavior results in the employee facing a change in salary or employment status.

Harassment can, unfortunately, come in various forms. Some individuals may be subjected to sexual harassment that includes offensive comments and jokes, inappropriate and unwanted physical contact, vulgar photographs and more. Other forms of harassment could also take place that target a person for discriminatory reasons, such as race, age or religion

If Michigan employees believe that they have endured illegal harassment in the workplace, they may not know where to turn. Because their well-being may rely on their employment, they may worry about taking actions that could result in job loss. However, individuals facing this type of ordeal do have legal options, and it may be in their interests to gain information on available courses of action for addressing illegal actions at work.