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Former worker files suit regarding retaliation

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Employment Law

Drawing attention to injustices can be difficult, especially in the workplace. Some Michigan workers may worry that their employers will react negatively to complaints of mistreatment or illegal actions, and unfortunately, retaliation is known to happen. If employees are retaliated against for speaking out against wrongdoing at work, it may be necessary to take legal action.

One worker in another state recently filed a lawsuit against the art museum where she used to work and the institution’s former CEO and director. According to reports, the woman was laid off from her position at the end of March, and she believes that it was an act of retaliation against her for participation in writing a letter last year regarding discrimination and bullying in the workplace. An internal investigation into the claims were made, and though she and other workers were told no retaliatory actions would result, the woman indicated that she saw a reduction in resources for her projects, had to contend with overbearing oversight, faced disciplinary action and more.

Before the filing of this lawsuit, the CEO and director had resigned from his employment with the museum due to allegations of racism, discrimination and retaliation. Another employee stated that when layoffs occurred in March, the majority of workers let go were those who had participated in writing the letter regarding discrimination in the workplace. The report indicated that the woman who filed suit and 27 other workers participated in the letter. It was unclear how many of those individuals were let go.

Retaliation is a serious problem in the workplace, and it can often feel as if workers do not have any choice in the way they are treated. However, Michigan workers and those across the country have legal rights and protections under law. If individuals believe that they were fired or otherwise treated illegally at work after filing a complaint, they may wish to explore their available legal options for seeking justice.