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Race discrimination suit brought by 4 Black workers

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Employment Law

The goal of most people when they go to work is to complete their tasks as best as possible and earn their pay. Unfortunately, many workers in Michigan and elsewhere may have a difficult time achieving that goal due to the way they are treated on the job. Race discrimination continues to be a troubling aspect of far too many workplaces.

It was recently reported that four Black workers in another state filed a lawsuit against Mitsubishi Electric U.S. due to race discrimination. Apparently, the individuals work in the escalator and elevator division of the electric company and have faced racially charged insults, harassment, jokes and more while on the job. The report also stated that supervisors called the workers lazy and used racial slurs. Disturbing images and symbols also appeared at various worksites, including a noose tied at one of the plaintiff’s assigned work area.

The workers purportedly made various complaints starting in 2016 to the human resources department, but they claim that the complaints were not properly investigated for years. They also indicated that some of the offending parties were disciplined, but similar behaviors carried out by others were allowed to continue. Mitsubishi Electric stated that the company does not tolerate such behaviors and that complaints are investigated thoroughly.

Dealing with race discrimination can take a serious toll on any worker. From dreading going to work to suffering serious mental and physical health effects from stress, Michigan workers can experience numerous challenges that can negatively affect their lives. If employees believe that they have faced such discrimination on the job and that their employers did not properly handle the issue, they may wish to look into their legal options.