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Worker believes race discrimination led to firing

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Employment Law

Expressing one’s views in the workplace can be difficult sometimes. It is important that workers do not make comments that violate workplace policies regarding harassment or discrimination, but even some seemingly innocent comments could land a worker in trouble, especially if the employee believes that the work environment condones race discrimination. Unfortunately, some workers believe that their race plays a role in disciplinary actions.

Michigan readers may be interested in an incident of possible workplace discrimination that took place in another state. According to reports, a Black female worker at a donut shop was fired after she made a comment in a work-related chatroom expressing her views that it seemed unethical to remain open after another worker tested positive for COVID-19. The reasoning for the termination was reportedly due to the worker’s pessimistic attitude and contribution to a toxic work environment.

The worker believes that the dismissal was racially charged as no one else who commented in the chatroom was disciplined or terminated. She also stated that Black female workers at the donut shop were treated differently from other workers. One owner of the restaurant stated that she overreacted when firing the worker but that the termination did not relate to the worker’s race.

If workers believe that they have been unfairly disciplined in the workplace or fired due to race discrimination, it can be a delicate situation to handle. The workers themselves will undoubtedly feel a sense of injustice and anger over the situation, and many may not know what to do. Fortunately, Michigan workers who believe that they have been unfairly treated on the job due to their race may have legal options at their disposal for seeking justice and, possibly, compensation.