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Executive’s actions lead to sexual harassment lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Employment Law

Many women in Michigan and across the country find themselves facing difficult situations when it comes to employment. They may be discriminated against and passed over for promotions or not even hired at all. In many cases, even after being hired, their employment turns into a nightmare due to the sexual harassment they face while simply trying to earn a living.

It was recently reported that a woman in another state has filed a lawsuit against her former employer due to harassment on the job. Apparently, the woman worked at a restaurant and was training to be a manager at the time the harassing events occurred. She stated that one restaurant executive in particular made inappropriate remarks about her to her manager, and her manager pointed out the inappropriate nature of the situation given that the executive was the head of human resources and the woman was an employee. However, the executive reportedly stated that he could do whatever he wanted.

The woman also claims that the executive would send her inappropriate texts, called her pet names and tried to give her hugs. She stated that she felt uncomfortable but was afraid to react harshly due to the executive’s position and power in the company. The executive even invited the worker to his home for a social event, but after she arrived, she discovered she was the only one there. She stated that the executive then tried to pressure her into having physical relations, but the woman left. The harassing actions continued until the woman quit her job.

Being subjected to sexual harassment and manipulative behaviors from company executives can cause immense stress and fear in an employee. As this case shows, it can be difficult to push back due to concerns about losing one’s job, but no one should have to endure continual harassment at work. When the problem reaches a breaking point, Michigan residents may find themselves exploring their legal options.