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EEOC employees claim discrimination at the agency

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Employment Law

The reasons people choose the jobs that they go into can vary. Some Michigan residents may want to obtain employment with a company because it shares the same beliefs and goals as they do. Unfortunately, even if a person believes that their employer shares their desires to stand up for what they believe is right, it is still possible to be treated unfairly and even face discrimination in a workplace intended to fight such injustice. 

It was recently reported that several employees working at a district office for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission indicated that they have faced discrimination on the job. One Black woman in particular felt that she was treated unfairly after being reprimanded for using company email to speak in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The email reportedly resulted in heated conversations with other employees who responded in a hostile manner. However, the woman was the one suspended for being “unnecessarily combative.” 

In addition to feeling that it was unfair to face the reprimand at an agency that advocates against discrimination, the woman and other Black, disabled and LGBTQ employees indicated that they have faced the following discriminatory acts in the workplace: 

  • Being unnecessarily scrutinized over work performance 
  • Being passed over for advancement in the workplace 
  • Being given poor evaluations on their work performance 
  • Facing unjust disciplinary action 
  • Being denied training opportunities 
  • Being forced to resign from their positions 

The chairwoman for the EEOC indicated that an investigation into the complaints would be conducted. Unfortunately, discrimination can crop up in any workplace, even in those that are supposed to stand against such illegal treatment. If Michigan workers believe that they have been discriminated against on the job, they may want to look into their options for seeking justice and compensation where appropriate.