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Employers have options for training to prevent sexual harassment

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | Employment Law

Employers and companies have a responsibility to ensure that their employees have a safe work environment. This can mean taking the time to implement policies and procedures that reduce the chances of sexual harassment and other mistreatment on the job. Because there are various ways in which training and prevention measures can be put in place, there is no excuse for employers not complying with the law.

Because the specific requirements for anti-harassment training and policies can vary from state to state, it is necessary for employers to ensure that they comply with Michigan laws. If they do not and a worker is sexually harassed on the job, the noncompliance could act as evidence in a legal claim. As a result, it is also wise for employees to gain information on state specific laws if they believe that they have been the victim of harassment at work.

Some ways that employers could implement anti-harassment training include:

  • Utilizing eLearning resources that have interactive and engaging material
  • Having training options available at all times
  • Using short courses that can be accessed through mobile devices throughout the year rather than having an hours-long annual presentation
  • Training employees on how to safely address harassment as a bystander
  • Encouraging employees to report harassment whether they were a victim or a bystander
  • Showing that diversity in the workplace is valued

Of course, some employers do not make every effort possible to ensure that sexual harassment does not occur. Many Michigan workers may find themselves being harassed to a significant extent while on the job, and they may wonder what to do. If reporting the problem to superiors does not result in appropriate action, taking legal steps may be worth considering.