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Wrongful termination case results after older worker fired

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Employment Law

Many Michigan residents hold the same job for decades. They may have been lucky enough to find their dream career and enjoyed going to work almost every day, or they may have become comfortable in their job and wanted to see it through until retirement. No matter the reason, a person who is fired after serving a company for decades may have reason to suspect age discrimination and wrongful termination.

One woman in another state believes that she was unjustly terminated from her job due to her age. The woman was employed by the Marriott hotel chain since 1995 and had received numerous promotions throughout her decades of work with the company, including being named general manager. She had continued her employment at various hotel locations until 2020, when she was fired.

The woman believes that the termination was a result of age discrimination because she had reached the age of 50. She believes the following details give credence to her belief:

  • She had few absences over the years, including no absences in her last decade with the company.
  • She stated that younger workers would berate her about her age.
  • She previously received the Marriott’s Working Mother of the Year Award, which only one employee in the Marriott corporation as a whole receives each year.
  • She indicated that she was told she was archaic and not contemporary.
  • After being fired from her position, her replacement was an individual who was much younger.

The woman has filed a lawsuit claiming wrongful termination. If Michigan employees have faced similar circumstances, such as being fired for unjust or illegal reasons, taking legal action of their own may be worth considering. In successful cases, employees could be reinstated to their previous position or otherwise be provided compensation for damages.