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Sexual harassment can be pervasive when not properly addressed

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2021 | Uncategorized

When problems arise in a workplace, they can often become pervasive if those in authority positions do not take steps to address the issues effectively. Unfortunately, many workers in Michigan and elsewhere find themselves in work environments that become difficult and toxic due to persistent sexual harassment. In far too many cases, victims who report the harassment find that their employers do little, if anything, to actually address the matter. 

In instances of sexual harassment, it is not uncommon for individuals to immediately imagine a female worker being harassed by a male colleague or superior. However, it is critical to remember that this form of harassment could happen by a man against a woman, by a woman against a man or even by one gender against someone of the same gender. Though most of the reports and complaints regarding sexual harassment do come from women, it does not mean that men cannot also file complaints when necessary. 

The reasons that this type of harassment occurs in the workplace vary. However, some common issues that often come in conjunction with harassment include: 

  • Continual harassment against one or more workers 
  • Offensive jokes, comments and innuendos that create a hostile work environment 
  • Quid pro quo scenarios in which a manager or another superior propositions a worker in a lower position for sexual favors in exchange for a raise, promotion or other benefit 

Sexual harassment can happen right under the noses of those in charge, and they may not realize it is happening or not take the steps needed to make it stop. Often, ensuring that the problem is addressed properly becomes the duty of the victim when it should not be. Still, if Michigan workers have faced harassment on the job only for their employers to do little or nothing about it, exploring their legal options to have the matter looked into further may be worthwhile.