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Apple employees allege retaliation, unlawful conduct

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2021 | Employment Law

It is common for employees in most work industries to feel slighted for various reasons in the workplace. In some cases, the issue may be minor with no true mistreatment having occurred, but in other instances, Michigan workers or those elsewhere may be treated in an illegal manner by their employer. In cases where retaliation for certain activity is suspected, taking legal action may be necessary. 

It was recently reported that two Apple employees have filed separate claims against the company for retaliatory action they say they faced in the workplace. Though separate, the claims both indicate the following details: 

  • Harassing activity and hostile work environment 
  • Unlawful conduct in the workplace 
  • Retaliation for attempting to bring attention to these issues 

One worker stated that she was placed on administrative leave while her claims were investigated and that the Employment Relations department would not work with her to find solutions to the issues. The other worker indicated that Apple acted in coercive ways and harassed workers who participated in protected activities, such as collecting information about salary and pay equity. Apple issued a comment indicating that the company takes concerns seriously and investigates those concerns thoroughly. 

Workplace retaliation has negative effects on more than just the employee being retaliated against. Other workers could also continue to suffer unjust treatment as a company works to suppress complaints and silence claimants. If Michigan workers believe that they have endured illegal treatment in the workplace for participating in a protected activity, exploring their legal options may be in their interests.