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The possible toll of workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Employment Law

Protecting against unlawful treatment in the workplace is a goal that is shared by many individuals in Michigan and elsewhere, employers and employees alike. However, things do not always turn out as planned, as workplace discrimination continues to affect the lives of many. While spreading information on the possible toll of dealing with discrimination at work could help stem the tide of such behavior, preventing all instances of unjust treatment could prove a difficult feat.

Repercussions involved

It is no secret that dealing with discrimination at work can be a harrowing process and such unlawful treatment can come in various forms. In some cases, discrimination may involve serious issues such as harassment and those exposed to similar concerns may experience unnecessary stress or even fear. If left unaddressed, emotional or physical harassment could even disrupt one’s ability to perform job-related tasks or leave a person considering a change in employment to escape such treatment.

Regardless of what form it takes, discrimination could affect one’s career in numerous ways. In some cases, such issues may expose a person to unfair treatment such as unequal pay rates despite equal qualifications or lead to loss of opportunities for raises and promotions. Such issues could also occur during the initial hiring process and cause a person to be overlooked for a position.

Understanding one’s options

Workplace discrimination can take a devastating toll on one’s life and career. Those who are subjected to such unlawful behavior and wish to know more about the next steps to take to protect their interests could benefit from speaking with an attorney for guidance. An attorney in Michigan can evaluate the situation a client is facing, provide insight on his or her legal rights and available options, and help create a strategy with which to safeguard against discrimination. If necessary, an attorney can also help a client prepare to seek the full amount of compensation entitled through the appropriate channels.