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Former employees accused golf resort of discrimination

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | Employment Law

While there are laws in place to protect employees from being discriminated against based on age, similar issues continue to affect the lives of many individuals in Michigan and elsewhere. Those who suffer unlawful treatment or lose their employment under similar scenarios may wish to take steps to protect their rights and interests, but they might not know how best to handle the situation. Up to 15 former employees at a golf resort in another state have filed lawsuits accusing their former employer of age discrimination. 

Complaints of discrimination 

According to reports, each of the individuals involved in the situation recently lost their position at the resort. They claim that the resort was forced to cut down on staff over the last few years, but recently called back numerous employees. However, they assert that the resort only called back many of the younger workers, while those over the age of 40 were terminated. 

Reports indicate that these individuals claim that the resort exhibited unlawful behavior by allowing the age of workers to motivate its decisions. Reports also suggest that this is not the first time the resort has been accused of such behavior. Each of these individuals have filed lawsuits against the facility and are seeking unspecified amounts in restitution for loss of wages and damages. 

Where to turn 

Individuals in Michigan who experience discrimination based on age may wish to protect their interests, but they might not know where to turn for guidance in the process. When facing such a scenario, one could benefit from consulting with legal counsel prior to choosing a path. An attorney can examine the situation a client is facing and develop a strategy to protect his or her legal rights and interests through the necessary channels.