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Salvation Army faces allegations of discrimination

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2022 | Employment Law

While most companies may strive to create a safe atmosphere in which all employees can thrive, there may still be some scenarios in which unlawful behavior might exist. In some cases, the decisions of one person who represents a company in Michigan could act to create an unhealthy environment and those exposed to issues such as discrimination may suffer in a variety of ways. Reports indicate the Salvation Army is facing a lawsuit after an employee was subjected to discrimination before being wrongfully terminated. 

The lawsuit 

Reports indicate that the employee had worked for the company for several months before the incident occurred. Upon applying for the position, he informed the company of unspecified physical and mental health conditions and the company agreed to accommodate his needs by providing a job coach during his probationary period. He completed this process and retained his position with the company for several months until his manager left and was replaced by another person. 

The lawsuit states that the new manager reportedly began to treat him with immediate disdain. Reports indicate that this person made comments about things that he could not control due to his condition and refused to provide him with the necessary accommodations. The manager proceeded to hire new employees before wrongfully terminating his position within the company.  

Protecting one’s legal rights 

The presence of discrimination may only act to create a hostile work environment and those who suffer such unlawful treatment may encounter various challenges in life. Those who experience similar issues and remain uncertain of how best to handle the situation could consider speaking with an attorney for guidance on their legal rights and options. An attorney can evaluate the circumstances a client is facing, provide insight on the best course of action to take, and assist in preparing to protect his or her interests through the appropriate channels.