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Workplace harassment might stem from abuse of power

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Employment Law

It may come as no surprise that the behavior of those in company leadership roles can have a significant influence over the atmosphere of a work environment. While a strong leader may bring out the best in employees, the actions of those who abuse their power may only act to create a hostile environment that may leave individuals in Michigan facing numerous challenges. Knowing how issues such as abuse of power can affect a workplace and ways to tell if one is being subjected to similar types of workplace harassment may be vital to preparing to take the necessary steps to protect a person’s future. 

Abusing management powers 

Studies indicate that those who abuse power in leadership roles may exhibit various types of harmful behaviors. Some examples of unjust treatment may involve scenarios in which leaders choose to remind workers that they are expendable, or making harmful comments toward a person in front of others with the intent of humiliating this party. Abuse of power could also include denying employees access to vital training or information or blaming employees when things go wrong, even if the problem stems from the actions of management. 

The presence of such abusive behavior can create a hostile work atmosphere that exposes employees to high levels of pressure and stress. The presence of such treatment may cause others to feel undervalued and can lead to issues with absenteeism or high turnover rates. Studies indicate that abuse of power can also diminish workplace productivity and leave workers in search of ways to protect their rights or in search of new opportunities for employment in healthier situations. 

Addressing abusing treatment 

While no one should have to work in a hostile job atmosphere, similar types of workplace harassment continue to affect the lives of many individuals. Individuals in Michigan who are subjected to such unjust treatment and are hesitant to step forward might find it helpful to speak with an attorney for advice on how best to proceed. An attorney can help protect a client’s legal rights and interests, help prepare to confront the issue through the proper paths and assist in preparing to seek any compensation to which he or she may be entitled to receive.