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Recent studies on age discrimination

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Employment Law

There might be few things as stressful and harrowing as encountering unlawful treatment at work, as similar issues can take a toll on numerous areas of a person’s life. Age bias is a type of issue that remains prevalent in many work environments in Michigan and discriminatory treatment based on such factors is unlawful. Recent studies on age discrimination revealed shocking results on just how prevalent such behavior may be in many fields of employment. 

The results 

According to recent studies, nearly 80% of those who took part in the survey admitted that age bias in the workplace remains a prevalent concern. Studies also found that more than 40% of those surveyed considered individuals at or above the age of 40 to be old. Researchers also assert that more than 80% of individuals over the age of 50 say they feel discriminated against when viewing job postings, claiming that these postings often appear to be directed toward younger individuals. 

Results from the study also suggest that older employees may also be more inclined to experience bullying in the workspace. Many of these individuals have admitted to experiencing a fear that they are at risk of losing their jobs due to similar factors. Unfortunately, just over 20% of older workers who took part in the study say they have already experienced unlawful termination based on their age. 

Protecting against age discrimination 

While those who experience age discrimination at work may wish to protect their rights and interests, preparing for the process can be an intimidating concept. Fortunately, one does not have to face this alone and by retaining the services of an attorney, a person in Michigan could obtain much-needed advice on the next steps to take. An attorney can help a client prepare to make informed choices about his or her options and assist in developing a strategy with which to safeguard against such unjust behavior.