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Possible challenges of identifying workplace harassment

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2023 | Employment Law

The presence of unlawful behavior can exist in any type of work atmosphere and can take a significant toll on the well-being of employers and employees alike. Unfortunately, it might not always be so easy to tell if the types of behavior individuals in Michigan encounter at work is inappropriate in nature. Recent studies indicate that many workers may struggle to identify workplace harassment and finding ways to address such issues could be crucial to mitigating the risks involved. 

Recent studies 

Researchers indicate that there may be a variety of factors that might affect a worker’s ability to identify unjust behavior at work. Studies suggest that perceptions of harassing behaviors may vary depending on the field one works in and the types of workplace experiences each person encounters. Experts also state that those who are subjected to higher levels of inappropriate behaviors may be less capable of telling whether workplace conduct is acceptable or constitutes harassment. 

During a recent study, experts say that more than 400 workers took part in a survey in which they were tasked with evaluating several workplace scenarios. While some form of harassment existed in all the provided scenarios, less than 10% of these individuals identified unjust behavior in each instance. Researchers assert that this study highlights how difficult it might be for the average worker to identify unlawful behaviors in a workplace environment. 

Identifying workplace harassment 

Dealing with workplace harassment can be a daunting process in any situation. Those who remain uncertain if the type of behavior they experience is unlawful in nature could benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney for guidance. An attorney in Michigan can examine the circumstances a client is facing and help prepare to take the necessary steps to protect his or her rights and interests via the appropriate paths.