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Workplace discrimination and algorithmic evaluation tools

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2023 | Employment Law

Many companies use a variety of tools to help monitor and evaluate employee performance. While some types of technology may aid in the evaluation process, there might be some concerns with the algorithms used in this type of process. Recent studies indicate that similar types of evaluation tools could expose some employees to unjust treatment. Individuals in Michigan who encounter workplace discrimination under similar scenarios might not always know how best to approach the situation.

Possible concerns with AI evaluations

Recent reports indicate that there are concerns that artificial intelligence evaluations may run the risk of exposing some workers to unjust treatment. Evaluation algorithms might use the same metrics when evaluating the performance and skills of all employees. Unfortunately, these programs might not be capable of addressing factors such as reasonable accommodations and may overlook these factors when addressing performance.

Experts state that these algorithms might be prone to overlook factors such as accommodations for health conditions that prompt a need for additional breaks or quieter workstations. Without the ability to address such factors, AI-based evaluation tools might not be capable of providing a fair assessment of work performance. An unfavorable performance evaluation can affect one’s career in various ways and those who encounter similar issues for unjust reasons may face an understandable desire for answers.

Encountering workplace discrimination

Regardless of how it happens, encountering issues with workplace discrimination can be a stressful and daunting experience. Those who face similar challenges and remain uncertain of the steps to take to protect their interests might benefit from speaking with an attorney for guidance on their legal rights and options. An attorney in Michigan can help a client prepare to take the necessary steps to safeguard against the trials of discrimination and to pursue the full amount of restitution he or she is entitled to receive via the appropriate channels.