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More than 70 former employees accuse Bowlero of discrimination

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Employment Law

While there may be some scenarios in which terminating an employee might be necessary, sometimes such an act could stem from unjust reasons. Individuals in Michigan who are wrongfully terminated due to the presence of discrimination may have questions about how best to confront the situation and protect their legal rights and interests. More than 70 former employees of the popular bowling company Bowlero have filed a lawsuit accusing the company of age discrimination. 

Investigation into claims of discrimination 

According to reports, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission launched an investigation into the matter after 73 former employees came forward with allegations of discrimination. Reports indicate that these individuals claim they were fired from the company based on factors such as age. Some also claim that they encountered some form of retaliation before being terminated from their positions. 

The lawsuit against Bowlero asserts that there have been signs of increasing levels of discriminatory behavior at the company over the past few years. The CEO of the company has been accused of firing at least 73 employees and filling the openings with younger individuals. While the investigation remains underway, the EEOC has stated that reasonable cause has already been found in at least 55 of these instances. 

Discrimination and wrongful termination 

Encountering discrimination at work can be harrowing and those who are wrongfully terminated based on similar factors might not know where to turn for advice on their rights and options. Fortunately, there are attorneys in Michigan who understand what is at stake and can provide a person with much-needed guidance on the best course of action with which to proceed. An attorney can evaluate the situation a client is facing, assist in developing a strategy to protect his or her rights and career and help prepare to pursue any compensation deserved via a claim against the parties deemed responsible.