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Studies suggest workplace bullying often goes unaddressed

On Behalf of | May 30, 2023 | Employment Law

There is no secret that the idea of encountering unfair or unjust treatment at work can prove a daunting notion. Unfortunately, the trials of dealing with workplace bullying remain a reality for far too many workers. Although studies indicate that nearly 40% of all workers encounter some form of bullying at work, researchers suggest that many of these incidents might go unaddressed. Individuals in Michigan who face such treatment may find that seeking advice on their options could help empower them to step forward and protect their careers and interests. 

Studies on workplace bullying 

Acts of bullying and harassment can come in numerous forms, ranging anywhere from constant verbal berating to exposure to offensive content or remarks. Such treatment can also cause workers to feel intimidated and such issues could lead to a loss of confidence and diminish productivity. Such behaviors may also act to create toxic work atmospheres that can lead to high levels of stress, and those who work in similar settings may be less engaged in everyday tasks. 

Unfortunately, many instances of bullying may go unaddressed. Studies suggest that even if those in leadership roles are aware of the presence of unjust treatment, they may be hesitant to step forward and intervene on behalf of the victim. However, that does not mean that there is no help for victims of such abuse and seeking guidance on available legal avenues may be essential to helping individuals prepare to confront the matter and protect their interests. 

Legal avenues 

Individuals who encounter workplace bullying and remain uncertain of how to protect against such treatment could benefit from speaking with an attorney for guidance in addressing their situations. An attorney in Michigan can evaluate a client’s situation, provide insight into his or her available legal avenues, and assist in creating a strategy to safeguard his or her future interests. Such guidance could help a person better prepare to step forward and confront the matter and similar measures may also help protect others from encountering unlawful behavior.