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1 in 5 falls results in brain trauma

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | Personal Injury

It happens often in Michigan and throughout the country. Someone walks through a shopping mall, grocery store, public restroom or elsewhere and slips and falls on a slippery surface. Do you know that one out of every five of these types of incidents results in brain trauma? In many cases, premises liability exists.

Symptoms of brain trauma are not always immediately apparent. This is why you must closely monitor your condition in the days and weeks following a slip-and-fall accident. There are several symptoms that may arise that suggest that you have suffered a brain injury and for which you should seek immediate medical attention.

Brain trauma symptoms resulting from a slip-and-fall incident

Keep these symptoms in mind when you’re recovering from a fall, especially if your head hit a hard surface:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Grogginess or difficulty rousing from sleep
  • Vision disturbances or eye pupils of unequal size
  • Stiff neck
  • Difficulty controlling emotions
  • Headache or facial/jaw pain

These are all symptoms that may experience a delay and are often associated with brain trauma. If you go to the hospital or your primary care physician’s office after experiencing any of these symptoms, make sure the attending physician knows you recently took a fall.

Recovering from a brain injury

A physician knows what tests to run to rule out or diagnose brain trauma. If a severe injury exists, you might need to spend time in the hospital or undergo surgery as part of your treatment plan. If your injury is less severe, you may be able to recover at home. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that it’s “not a big deal” if the doctor sends you home. Any type of brain injury is a serious issue.

Brain trauma ranges from a mild concussion to more severe injuries like a skull fracture or swelling or bleeding of the brain. Even a mild brain injury can have lasting implications that require repeated medical treatment and supportive care.

Who is liable for damages?

When you visit a property that another person or group owns, you can expect that the owners have taken all necessary precautions to maintain safety. In places like stores or public bathrooms, etc., it’s possible (and likely) that a floor might get wet, creating a safety hazard. In such cases, the property owner or manager should take immediate steps to rope off the area or install a caution sign. This helps prevent accidents and premises liability issues.

If a premises liability exists, then you can hold the Michigan property owner accountable for damages. A recovering victim may seek restitution by filing a premises liability claim in civil court.