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What to do if you believe the police racially profiled you when they arrested you

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2024 | Civil Rights

If you believe you have been racially profiled by the police during an arrest in Michigan, you must take certain steps to protect your rights. It is important to understand what to do if this ever happens to you.

Document the incident

As soon as possible, write down all details of the arrest and any interactions with the police. Note the date, time, and location of the incident, as well as the officers’ names and badge numbers if known. 

File a complaint

Michigan has procedures for filing complaints against law enforcement officers for misconduct, including racial profiling. You can file a complaint with the police department involved, the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, or other relevant oversight bodies. You may also find it helpful to contact an attorney so you know what options you have. 

Gather evidence

Collect any evidence that supports your claim of racial profiling, such as witness statements, video recordings, or photographs. This evidence can strengthen your case if you decide to pursue legal action or file a complaint.

Stay calm and cooperative

During interactions with law enforcement, remain calm and cooperative while asserting your rights. Avoid escalating the situation, but do not waive your rights or agree to anything that could compromise your case.

Document your injuries or damages

If you suffered any injuries or damages as a result of the arrest, seek medical attention if necessary. Keep records of any medical treatment or expenses incurred.

Navigating allegations of racial profiling can be stressful. However, understanding the process and taking proactive steps can help protect one’s civil rights.