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Retaliation can come in many forms and occur for many reasons

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2020 | Employment Law

In an ideal world, everyone would love going to work and enjoy the people they work with. Of course, we do not live in an ideal world, and many people dread going into work. Often, they feel that way because of the people they work with. In some cases, people may be unfairly treated because they attempted to bring attention to wrongdoing in the workplace. If this happens, Michigan employees may wonder whether they are facing retaliation.

Workers could be retaliated against by their employers or their colleagues for various reasons. This commonly takes place when individuals file a report or complaint about something happening in the workplace. For example, if a person files a report with human resources due to witnessing discrimination and that person is later fired, he or she has likely been the victim of retaliation. It can also happen if a worker points out that he or she has not received proper compensation, such as overtime pay.

It is important to note that retaliation does not always come as a direct termination from a job. Some other acts of retaliation can include demotion or no longer being considered for a promotion, unnecessary disciplinary action, hostile treatment and more. Of course, every instance of disciplinary action does not constitute unjust retaliation, so it is important that individuals have a connection between their complaint and the unfair treatment they face.

It can certainly be difficult to prove retaliation in the workplace. As a result, Michigan residents may want to ensure that they document instances that they believe are retaliatory. They can then go over this information with knowledgeable employment law attorneys to determine what courses of action may be available to address the issue.