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The possibility of bias in AI hiring programs

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2024 | Employment Law

Many companies may feel that there are a variety of benefits to using advancements in technology to help streamline hiring processes. However, while it might not be uncommon for companies to use AI programs to aid in similar endeavors, studies indicate that there may be some risks involved with such measures. Studies suggest that the priority systems present in AI hiring practices could promote bias and may subject individuals in Michigan to workplace discrimination.  

AI programs and bias 

According to studies, more than 80% of employers have taken to using AI programs to assist in the hiring process. However, despite the possible advantages involved, studies also highlight the risks that might accompany the use of these systems. For instance, AI programs may use certain priority systems and keywords to streamline operations, but these systems might not be capable of addressing every necessary factor when making decisions. 

Studies indicate that many worry that the presence of priority keywords and systems could lead to biased decisions. Those who encounter similar challenges might not receive fair and equal treatment during the hiring process. The presence of bias can lead to discriminatory treatment that could leave many wondering what they can do to protect their rights and future interests. 

Workplace discrimination 

When companies fail to take the necessary steps to protect against workplace discrimination when using AI systems, the results could prove devastating. Individuals in Michigan who encounter unjust treatment under such scenarios might not always be aware of their available legal avenues. Fortunately, some attorneys can evaluate a person’s situation and provide insight on the best course of action to take to address the situation.