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Addressing recent studies on disability discrimination

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Employment Law

While many companies may strive to provide fair and equal treatment to all employees, it might not be feasible to expect this to be the case in every job setting. The presence of discriminatory behavior continues to be an issue in many workplaces and there are many scenarios in which individuals in Michigan might encounter such unjust treatment. Recent studies indicate that disability discrimination continues to impact the lives of many and those who are subjected to such issues could face various challenges in life. 

Recent studies 

Results from a survey during recent studies indicated that more than 30% of employees who identify as having some type of disability admitted to encountering discriminatory treatment at work. Many of those surveyed also stated that they have even experienced issues with not being offered employment opportunities based on similar factors. Some also admitted that they find it challenging to find places of employment that can accommodate their needs. 

Studies also indicate that around 25% of those who managed to reach the interview stages also stated that they were subjected to discrimination during this process. Many of these individuals also assert that they feel hesitant to speak about the necessary accommodations during interviews. This could be out of fear that initiating this discussion could impact the outcome of a job interview. 

Seeking advice on one’s options 

While no one should have to endure unjust treatment at work, incidents of disability discrimination continue to impact the lives of many. The idea of preparing to confront the matter can seem a daunting concept, but this isn’t something a person has to face alone. By consulting with an employment law attorney, a person in Michigan could obtain much-needed advice in evaluating the available options and assistance in developing a strategy with which to safeguard his or her legal rights and interests.