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Wrongful termination lawsuit stems from forced resignation

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Employment Law

Being unjustly fired or forced to resign from a job can bring about numerous problems for anyone. Unexpectedly losing a job can lead to financial issues, new employment challenges and other difficulties that could negatively affect a person’s way of life. Of course, wrongful termination is also against the law, and if a person believes this happened to him or her, taking legal action may be warranted.

Michigan readers may be interested in a lawsuit recently filed in another state regarding illegal termination. According to reports, an employee at Excelsior Wellness Center raised concerns that the chief development officer was putting the center’s nonprofit tax exempt status at risk by endorsing a political candidate. The employee believed that the actions violated federal and state laws that prohibit political campaigning.

After the worker told his supervisors about his concerns, he was told he could take a two-week paid leave while his claims were investigated and be moved to a different department where he was no longer a subordinate to the chief development officer. After taking the leave, the man returned to work only to find that he no longer had the option to move to a different position, and the executive team as well as the CEO alienated him. Due to being unable to move forward with projects or complete his job duties as a result, he resigned. Now, he is seeking $200,000 in damages through a lawsuit against the company.

Wrongful termination is not a matter to take lightly. An unjust dismissal or forced resignation can greatly jeopardize a person’s future career opportunities as well as current personal well-being. If Michigan residents believe that they were illegally fired from their jobs or forced to quit, they may want to determine whether they have grounds to take legal action in efforts to seek justice.