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How prevalent are the effects of sexual harassment at work?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Employment Law

The effects of a toxic work environment can reach further than many people think. While some people may brush off offensive jokes, rude comments, inappropriate touching or other similar actions as horseplay, it could constitute sexual harassment. Unfortunately, many workers in Michigan may experience this type of harassment on the job firsthand and face the negative consequences.

The effects of such harassment and who they affect go beyond just the victim. They can also impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the workplace as a whole due to the way victims approach their work after harassing events or while working in a toxic environment. Some common effects of these scenarios include the following:

  • Job dissatisfaction and disengagement
  • Physical ailments, such as sleeping problems, nausea and high-blood pressure
  • Mental effects, like depression, stress and low self-esteem
  • High employee turnover due to an unwillingness to work in a toxic environment

Facing these difficulties as a result of harassment could lead to a victim feeling unfocused on work due to worries about past harassment or possible future harassing events. As a result, that person’s productivity could significantly decline. Additionally, victims may choose to leave their jobs after facing harassment, particularly if management does not properly handle complaints about such actions.

While many Michigan residents want to retain their jobs to avoid financial struggles, it can be difficult to continue working in a toxic environment and dealing with the physical and mental tolls this type of ordeal can take. If workers believe that they have faced sexual harassment in the workplace, they may wonder whether leaving a job would be easier than confronting the matter. However, workers have protections and rights under the law, and compensation may be available for victims who bring claims against their employers for allowing a hostile work environment.