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Former restaurant worker faced sexual harassment from owner

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Employment Law

There are various worries that Michigan workers may have as they head into work. They may have concerns about doing their job well and whether they will face any unexpected challenges or similar work-related details. However, many workers across the country may also have worries about facing sexual harassment while they are at work simply trying to do their job and earn their paycheck.

One woman in another state had such concerns and recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer over the harassment she faced on the job. According to reports, the woman was a kitchen worker at a restaurant, and while working there, she repeatedly faced harassing actions from one of the restaurant’s owners. The woman stated that the owner would make inappropriate comments about her appearance, sent her sexually charged text messages and touched her inappropriately. She also stated that the man sexually assaulted her in his home after he offered for her to stay there after she suffered an injury at work.

The woman was later fired from her job at the restaurant after she filed a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission due to not receiving her full compensation for her work. Her current lawsuit names the restaurant and its owner as defendants. The owner admitted to certain details of the woman’s legal claim, such as sending the text messages and offering to allow her to stay at his home after her injury, but has denied any wrongdoing.

Though appalling, sexual harassment continues to affect numerous workers in Michigan and elsewhere. If employees do face this type of harassment on the job, they may wish to take this woman’s case as an example and consider their legal options for addressing the matter. In some cases, lawsuits may be warranted to ensure that the situation is addressed as effectively as possible.