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Olive Garden workers claim race discrimination

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Employment Law

Working in a restaurant is something that many people of all ages do at some point in their lives. Whether as hosts, servers, kitchen workers or cleanup crew members, these jobs can provide steady employment for Michigan residents and those elsewhere. In many cases, there are opportunities for advancement that can see a former server move up to management, but when workers face race discrimination, that is much less likely.

It was recently reported that claims with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission were recently filed in another state regarding discrimination at an Olive Garden restaurant. One man who has worked at the particular location for over a decade stated that he has seen multiple instances of racial discrimination and that the overall environment of the workplace was hostile. The discriminatory actions reportedly came from both customers and management.

Among the actions described include customers giving Black employees fewer tips due to their race and Black employees being treated less favorably than non-Black employees by management. The man indicated that non-Black employees were often given the better tables to work, had the ability to change job titles and obtained better shifts to work while Black workers were often denied such opportunities. It was noted that Darden Restaurants, the owners of Olive Garden, indicated that they believed the claims were baseless.

Race discrimination in the workplace can come in obvious and subtle forms. Unfortunately, it can often take drastic measures on the part of those who have been treated unfairly before such behavior will come to an end. If Michigan workers have brought discriminatory actions to the attention of their managers and have not seen any effective changes in the workplace, they may have reason to consider their legal options for asserting their rights under applicable employment laws.