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Detecting workplace harassment and the next steps to take

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2022 | Employment Law

There might be a multitude of scenarios in which a person might experience unjust behavior at work. However, knowing how to detect the presence of harassment can be somewhat challenging at times and understanding how to respond to such behavior might not always be a simple task. Evaluating some of the most common types of workplace harassment could be vital to helping individuals in Michigan understand their rights and know the steps to take to protect against similar issues. 

Types of harassment 

Workplace harassment is an issue that can exist in virtually any type of workplace environment. Types of harassment can range anywhere from psychological harassment and verbal bullying to physical acts or unwanted sexual advances. Digital harassment also remains a prevalent concern in many fields of profession, whether this involves being subjected to threatening or demeaning content via emails or social media outlets. 

Similar issues can take a dire toll on a person and those who suffer harassment at work might have questions about how best to handle the situation. One of the first steps to take could involve reporting the behavior to the necessary parties. While HR departments and company officials have a duty to further investigate the matter, this process might not always prove fruitful, and it may be necessary to take additional measures to protect one’s interests. 

What next? 

Individuals who encounter workplace harassment and remain uncertain of their rights and options could find it helpful to speak with an attorney for guidance on the next steps to take. An attorney can address the circumstances a client in Michigan is facing and help create a strategy with which to protect against such behavior and safeguard his or her interests. If necessary, an attorney can also provide insight in preparing to seek any restitution to which a client is entitled to receive through the appropriate outlets.